Artist Portal

This will be our access point for you the artist.

We will be adding more features as time goes on.

Add new artwork

  • Color, year and type of project will help in search results. If another product has that same name we might alter it a bit.
  • Please explain what files that are getting and how they may used. (ie vector graphic AI file) Also if you named it corvette you might give it a longer description of the product or genre or artist direction you have used. Please a
  • Accepted file types: zip.
    Please only upload zip files of the whole project. We need a jpg of the final artwork ( We will add Watermark) and then the files.
    By checking this box we will promote your product on social media, email blast and front page of the website. You will receive $5 less on your commission. For 30 days. This product will sell for $5 off on website with coupon code.

Are you interested in doing Custom Work?

  • We have a lot of request for custom work and many of you may be interested in this lead.  We are working on setting up an area where clients can fill out a form and submit their interest in a project. They would describe their wants and give a budget. They would then have the opportunity to email the artist on the list. ( your email will not be shown unless you email them back.)  From here you can work with the client on your own.  We will not take any cut in this portion of the site.  But this may allow you to create new artwork for the site later on.  All payment transactions for this project would be between you and your client.
    We will contact you and make confirmation before you are added to the list.

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