My artwork is about crazy, bug-eyed monsters drag racing against angry aliens, in chromed hot rods
with fire breathing engines and smoke filled burn outs, trying to impress women. I grew up in France. At an early age I started to draw hot rods and cartoon characters. I loved the Tex Avery cartoons and Mad magazines, but when I saw Ed Roth’s monsters in cars, I knew that was what I wanted to draw. I got into the punk rock scene as a teenager. I drew fliers and punk art. Skateboard art was a great influence for me at that time. After college I discovered artists of the Lowbrow movement.

Please note that these pieces of artwork are for artist, screen printers and digital artist to work with. Please check that you have the proper software to open these files before you purchase. Click on each image to see what format they were designed in and will work with.