I have been drawing since the age of 3. Of course, it was on walls or any blank surface I could get my little hands on. My main drawing medium at the time were pencils or ball point pens. I am a self taught artist born & raised in Southern California. I grew up in the middle of the custom car culture of the 60’s and 70’s. Attracted to the car shows and hot rod builders of the era at an early age, I soon realized I could capture their creations in a very realistic manner by putting pencil to paper. I became obsessed with drawing cars and just about any subject that inspired me such as nature, women, cartooning, and cars. I love to draw and create using my skills and imagination. Today, I am creating artwork and design for die cast toys, t-shirts, logos, custom graphics & concepts for custom car builders. I am happy to offer my artwork here on BadBonz. If you need something custom don’t hesitate to contact me through my website.

Please note that these pieces of artwork are for artist, screen printers and digital artist to work with. Please check that you have the proper software to open these files before you purchase. Click on each image to see what format they were designed in and will work with.