Jeremy Hinson

I’ve always had a combined love of cars and art, as a boy drawing for hours at the kitchen table making the sounds out loud of a revving engine. As an adult my careers have been varied, window washer, truck driver, truss designer, and now signs and graphic design, but my love of drawing, especially hot rods and custom cars has remained constant. Drawing cars for friends, designing paint schemes for racing, and even dabbling in a hot rod t-shirt line have always been a steady side business. Simple paper, pencil and design markers were always my tools of choice, but now, somewhat late to the party, and with the help of my friend and mentor Brad King, I have made the transition to digital rendering. I hope you find my artwork, and that of all the artists on Bad Bonz Designs useful and inspiring.



Please note that these pieces of artwork are for artist, screen printers and digital artist to work with. Please check that you have the proper software to open these files before you purchase. Click on each image to see what format they were designed in and will work with.