Jimmy Smith


I was doomed……born into a family of GEAR-HEAD hot rodders. My Dad was into sports cars and experimental aircraft while my Uncle Mark was a regular at the local dragstrips as well as partaking in some quality, unsanctioned speed contests.
Early on, somebody stuck a pencil in my hand and a car was the first thing I drew. I continued to draw as many things as possible through my public school years and later I went on to receive a bit of formal art instruction. However, I always ended up drawing some form of hot rod or custom. I was always encouraged, and drew great inspiration from my family and friends who all share some form of artistic ability. Inspiration is where you find it, and in my case, it was from many, many sources. 60’s pop culture certainly molded and possibly distorted my outlook on things. I mean watching Gilligan’s Island and the Munster’s all those years will definitely have a profound effect on one’s psyche (not to mention all that model glue)!
You won’t find obscure literary works in my library. What you will find, of course, are issue after issue of most of the car mags from the last 40 or so years. Along with the requisite hot rod pulp, you’ll find writings on southwestern history along with architectural design and art books. Oh yeah, music too…
I’m amazed and truly thankful everyday that I get to do what I do. Sometimes deadlines can be tight but at the end of the day, it comes down to me taking responsibility for my actions. Being my own boss is a dream that I’ve had for years while I served in the print and sign industry. Now with the support of my lovely wife Rachel, as well as pushing from a number of very good friends, I’m doing it! The people I used to read about, I am now meeting, most of whom I consider good friends. I’ve found this segment of the automotive art world is full of great people who are always there with advice or just some good conversation. Everyday brings new opportunities for friendships and great hot rod projects!
Today, you’ll find me working on many ongoing art projects or my old bicycles or any number of internally combusted projects in the garage. That is, when I’m not spending time with my wonderful wife and family that includes: two boys, Davey and Clay (that’s right, Clay Smith), Henry and Sophie, our dogs….
Jimmy “Jeem” Smith

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