Paul Townsend

I feel truly blessed from God to have my artistic talent. I’ve been drawing anything and everything as long as I can remember, and there are usually several projects going at once including Motorworks Art & Design House (a.k.a. the, and my own line of self-published comics called PT Comics. But it’s the cars and trucks I love to draw the most: V-Dubs, Hot Rods, Street rods, Pro-Street, Kustoms, Lowriders, Bombs, Resto-Rods, you name it, I dig ’em (…and usually have an opinion about how to customize ’em). Just to see what you designed actually making it to the street and seeing others appreciating your work, really gives me a great feeling.I’ve also been fortunate enough in the past to drive a few of my own creations including a mild custom ’71 Super Beetle, a slammed ’56 Rag-Top Bug, a custom ’76 Chevy step-side pickup, several lowriding mini trucks, even an import “tuner”, among many more. Having lived all over the US during a military career, I am now back home in South GA living life a bit slower, with my wife and our three girls, designing my next project!
Motorworks Art & Design House. Clean, Simple, Kustom.

Please note that these pieces of artwork are for artist, screen printers and digital artist to work with. Please check that you have the proper software to open these files before you purchase. Click on each image to see what format they were designed in and will work with.